Shell & RegEx

If you are on a Mac you can open the Terminal application and start experimenting. The current Mac OS uses the zshell as it's default shell, but almost everything you can do with a bash shell you can do with the zshell. If you are not on a Mac you have a few options. One option is to create a free account on Pythonanywhere which allows you to run a bash terminal session in the browser. Or you could create a Bash repl on replit. One option that doesn't require creating an account is here (the last of the console options should work fine on most computers).

Note that all of these might work slightly differently and some commands won't work at all.

Linux Command Line Basics (ud595)


  • Philip Mallory (MS from Georgia Institute of Technology, currently at Google)

  • Karl Krueger (BA from Bard College, currently at Dropbox)

Shell Workshop (ud206)


Configuring Linux Web Servers (ud299)


RegExOne - a series of interactive lessons on Regular Expressions

Additional resources:

Hands-on Introduction to Linux Commands and Shell Scripting (Coursera)

IBM course with interactive sandboxes and quizzes


  • Rav Ahuja (B.Eng from McGill, MBA from Western, currently at IBM)